Floorball can be played anytime, anywhere and with anything. However, we can certainly agree that some details contribute to much stronger experiences. Such a "detail", which is absolutely essential for the right feeling of the game, is certainly the floorball goal.

Emotions and adrenaline of a real game

Yes, we have all experienced a situation when there was no goal and instead bottles, school bags or anything that can be built and stands. But the feeling of the game is different with goals. When the net ripples, the puck sounds, or the ball bounces off the crossbar, these are the details that get the adrenaline pumping, the blood pumping, and the emotion of the game. Without goals, it is poorer.

You probably don't buy goals every day, so you logically look for the highest quality at the most reasonable price. We know this and with our offer we can meet anyone. Whether you are looking for goals for official floorball matches, floorball goals for training sessions or just goals for traditional matches with a group somewhere in a hidden gym.

Comparison of an IFF certified goal and a folding goal designed for unofficial matches or trainings

Choose a floorball goal for your needs

If you are a floorball team that plays floorball at an amateur level, where it is often a problem to get a goalkeeper at all, you probably won't deal with certification, exact dimensions or other specifications. Rather, you will be interested in the swagger and flexibility of the goals. An official, licensed goal has a prescribed size of 160x115 cm (width x height) and must have a solid construction.

For recreational athletes, however, folding goals are fully sufficient. You can choose from several sizes - 160x115, 120x90, 90x60 cm, and if you really have problems with goalkeepers, even mini goals 60x45 cm will suffice. You will see what snipers they will make of you. ☺

Folding goals are usually made of several materials. If you only want something for filing home appliances, a plastic construction will suffice. However, if you play in a gym, we definitely recommend steel goals. For example, handy with telescopic extension.

Of course, we also offer folding goals with the prescribed dimensions of 160x115 cm, but you have to be careful, folding goals are not usually certified. However, they are more brash. You can see how to easily fold and unfold, for example, a MPS folding goal with dimensions of 90x60 cm, in this video:

If you really want to play according to the IFF rules, you should look for goals with certification. These goals are usually made of thin-walled steel profiles and have the shape and dimensions prescribed by the standard. They are also marked with a certification sticker. You can also get them with nets and aprons (this also applies to non-certified goals).

Autogoalkeeper - a tool you won't get bored with

If the goalkeeper did not come to your training or you shoot at the goal yourself, a great partner in these situations is the so-called autogoalkeeper. It is a special training sheet that simulates a goalkeeper, but thanks to the holes it also ensures effective training for shooting accuracy, ball control, orientation during the game, etc. The training sheet is attached to the goal very quickly and easily using Velcro straps.

We believe that you will choose from our offer of floorball goals and that you will find it a pleasure. Let the nets wave, good luck floorball.🖐️