Florball is our passion. We are often visiting ordinary matches and it is really common that many players plays with improper equipment, or equipment that might cause more pain than joy. We are talking about floorball sticks, specifically about their length.

You may think it is not that important, but stick length can affect not only your game but your health as well. Lets take a look what can be caused by choosing incorect stick length.

Too long:

  • Worse technique and ball control
  • Weaker shot
  • Smaller feel, ball is too far away from you

Too short:

  • Harder defending, small hocky range
  • Playing bent, your back hurts
  • Your head is too inclined, smaller game sense

Choosing correct floorball stick length is really simple. The following chart will help you:

Players height Stick length (shaft)
110 - 115 cm 50 - 55 cm
120 - 125 cm 60 - 67 cm
130 cm 70 - 77 cm
135 cm 70 - 80 cm
140 - 145 cm 80 - 82 cm
150 cm 85 - 87 cm
155 cm 85 - 90 cm
160 - 165 cm 90 - 92 cm
170 cm 91 - 95 cm
175 cm 95 - 96 cm
180 cm 95 - 98 cm
185 cm 95 - 103 cm
190 cm 100 - 103 cm
195 cm a viac 103 - 105 cm

But we have to be careful about one thing. It is not that far away, when floorball stick marking has changed. Firstly, just one dimension used to be given, e.g. 96 cm. That meant, the stick length, without blade (shaft) has 96 cm. These days it is possible you may see same floorball stick marked as 107 cm. It is because the producers started to present stick length with blade on. Luckily the most producers mark their floorball sticks with both dimension so usually we see floorball sticks are marked as 96/107.

If you do not want to deal with searching for right stick length, then come to our store and we will be glad to help you chose exact sticks for you. On the other hand if u want to buy floorball sticks from our Internet shop and you have no clue what length to chose, we have two options for you to find out:

  1. First method is the most common, you are using your belly button in it. You have to stand close to wall and be completely upright. Lean the floorball stick on yourself and hold it, to make end of the bottom side of blade touching floor. The upper part should be on level of your belly button, maximally one centimeter above. If you do not have older floorball stick, measure the distance from floor to belly button and you will get approximate dimension.
  2. Second way uses your hands. Again it is necessarily to stand completely upright, load your hand and bend in the elbow so it makes ninety degree angle. So the hand is paralel to the floor. Correct stick length should exactly fill the space between your palm and the ground. Measure the length and buy the equally long floorball stick without any daubt.

You really should not underestimate choosing right floorball stick and their length, not at all. You can see it really affects your game. You may not realize but if you try shorter and longer floorball stick right after other, you will see the diference.

So choose the one that will spare you of pain and will not have negative effect on your game. We are allways displaying both dimensions at our internet shop, so you will easily choose the one that suits you best . So "hunt well". :-)