Hi Giovanni, Florbal4u and Spartak Milano start cooperation last year. We are really happy that floorball in Milano is favourite sport. Could you write our fans someting information about Spartak Milano?

So, Spartak Floorball Milano is, first of all, a group of friends. A brotherhood, that love stay together, have fun, drink beer and last but not least play Floorball.
Our team born only two years ago from the ashes of another team, Qt8 Milano, that was  one of founders of Italian federation. Our new team is born thanks will of players so our biggest sponsor is our friendship.

How long you play floorball?

I am the oldest player of my team and only for this reason I try to lead training and matches also like a coach, but I start play Floorball only when I was 27 years old (now I am 37), so my skill is very low. Fortunately I have a lot of teammates that start play Floorball when was younger than me and  they are stronger.  Now we have a team under 16 and I can see many players that will help us to grow in next years.

How would you rate floorball in Italy? Is it a sport that is growing interest?

I think you know that in Italy we love football more than everything, and so is very difficult for other sports to have economical sources to grow, but we try to show how floorball is a lovely sport, especially in school. Now teams of Italian federation are few and concentrate in three zone of the country (center, with Rome and L'Aquila, Lombardy, the region of Milano, and North est, in the regions of Bozen and Venezia), but we hope that from our example birth new teams in other cities.

Last year you took part in the Slovak Floorball Cup tournament. Going this year too? What are your goals?

Yeeeees! We can't miss because last year we left our hearts in Bratislava. So also this year we’ll go to the tournament and also this year our goals are enjoy, drink beer, meet strong team and players, meet girls and have fun.

Do you also visit our new store?

For sure, in Italy we don't have floorball store and for us visit your shop is like found a treasure. Also last year we bought some materials and probably next summer we will do the same if we’ll not spent all our money in beers.

Do you have any favorite floorball brand? If so, which?

Like all players everyone have a different floorball lovely brand, that change every time that miss a shoot or a pass (it's always fault of the stick or blade…), but we love FLRBL brand for clothes and accessories because it's trendy and specifical for Floorball lovers.

Thanks for the interview. You and all Spartak Milano are holding our fingers!