After two years of development and many test samples, the BLINDSAVE brand brings its first ever goalkeeper shoes!

Unique, best and most durable goalkeeper shoes on the market.

As the only shoes on the market, they have double protection of the upper against puncture.


  • made of high quality fabrics to ensure maximum flexibility
  • the outer tongue of the cover cord reduces friction to improve sliding movement
  • more layers of protection for better durability
  • improved adhesion
  • double stitching to ensure maximum durability
  • premium lightweight material

Double stitching around the entire shoe to ensure maximum durability. In addition, the threads are embedded in the material to prevent them from being punctured.

The outer tongue with a carbon design covers the lacing and reduces friction to improve sliding movement.

The new generation fabric ensures first-class comfort and flexibility while maintaining a low weight.

Improved side grip for quick bounce and sideways support.


Brand BlindSave
Color whiteblack
Gender man, woman, junior
Size (EU) 36, 37, 38, 39