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BlindSave Kid Knee Pads

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Knee protectors are the most important part of the floorball goalie´s equipment, since almost 60 minutes of play, they are on their knees.

BlindSave knee pads are unique, because they offer the strongest knee protection for the goalie. With 3cm thick cushioning, you can forever forget the pain associated with unpleasant contact with the floor. Not only will you enjoy the comfortable pillow effect, but your knees will be safe under all circumstances. To ensure constant protection, the knee padding is exchangeable. Goalies usually feel they need new padding every 6-8 months. Instead of purchasing completely new knee protectors, all you need to do is to replace the inner padding and you will have brand new knee protectors. This is our way of extending the service life of our products.

Another advantage of the BlindSave knee pads is their amazing adaptability. After 2-4 trainings, the protectors will adjust to the specific shape of your knees, allowing you even more freedom of movement and security, thanks to which you get the best protection and comfort. Being made of special material used in medicine, the BlindSave knee protectors provide high level of comfort with a special orthopedic effect. This material will help absorb hard and otherwise painful falls. In addition, this special material keeps your muscles warm and helps to avoid ligament injuries. 

Another outstanding feature of the BlindSave knee protectors is their specialized design that won´t let the pads slide down your legs. Our pads are higher and we've added straps to create a product that ensures perfect fixation during physically demanding game passages. 

The advantages of the BlindSave knee pads are:

  • Stronger padding - ensures high level of safety and offers increased protection against painful falls.
  • Orthopedic material - keeps the muscles warm, is comfortable in contact with the skin and is very flexible to allow for free movement.
  • Exchangable padding -  you don´t have to buy new knee protectors after a while, just change the padding and continue to use them in the same comfort as it was the first day.
  • Perfect fixation - special design does not allow the pads to slide down from the knees even during the most intense movements.

 Size: KID (thigh circumference above the knee 33-38 cm)

Brand BlindSave
Color black
Padding Non-selectable
Size Junior