BlindSave Mix Knee Padding

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Original hard spare padding for BlindSave knee protectors. No other knee protectors provide enough security for the goalie's knees.

Soft pads are 3 cm thick and very comfortable, providing the best possible protection for the goalie. This is the strongest knee protection on the market! These pads will make you feel like you're kneeling on pillows, which we call the "pillow effect". Protectors can adapt to your knee shape after 2-4 trainings. At the same time, they will provide you with maximum comfort during the game.

Hard pads are thinner and harder. They are just 1.5 cm thick but they are denser. These pads provide you with the advantage of better controllability, because you are just 1.5 cm away from the surface. Density of these optional inserts is balanced so perfectly, that they will provide you with all the protection you need as a goalkeeper and help you avoid unpleasant and painful moments during the game.

You will be using all knee protectors for about a year. The spare padding will allow you to use your protectors for a longer period of time and just replace the padding that will sooner or later - on the basis of the frequency of use,  wear off. With BlindSave spare padding, you will feel like you're playing with new protectors again.


Brand BlindSave
Color black
Gender man, woman
Size S, M, L, XL