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BlindSave New Protection Vest SS Rebound Control

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The new generation protective vest from the Blindsave brand with Rebound Control technology has everything a goalkeeper needs - first-class protection, high comfort and the Rebound function.

Player shots are stronger and more painful than ever before. Most catches are done with the chest, so it's important to keep it safe. The new two-layer protection system reduces pain to a minimum. The inner part of the vest has a special material that ensures comfortable contact with the skin and adapts to the goalkeeper's body when it reaches the optimal temperature.

The innovative Rebound Control technology limits the speed of the ball after rebound. As soon as the ball hits the goalkeeper's vest, it fits and returns more slowly than any conventional safety vest. This allows you to more effectively control the rebounded shots without having to lose your position when the ball bounces.

The new generation protective vest also offers incredibly high comfort. The pieces of protective layers are built in separately, so that each part of the protective vest can be adapted to the movement of each goalkeeper. The improved design has a larger arm section that provides more protection and gives the goalkeeper an even greater look.


  • Modernized design with improved protection and comfort
  • Built-in protective layers that adapt to the goalkeeper's activities
  • New generation of Rebound Control - protection with a two-layer layer reduces the speed of the ball after rebound and thus helps to control bounced shots
  • The filling is more flexible and adapts to the goalkeeper's body when it reaches the optimal temperature
  • Premium light clothing made in Europe
Brand BlindSave
Color black
Sleeve short
Gender man, woman
Size XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Size Goalkeeper height (cm) Goalkeeper weight (kg)
XS 150 - 170 50 - 60
S 160 - 175 60 - 75
M 160 - 180 65 - 85
L 165 - 185 70 - 95
XL 165 - 195 85 - 105
XXL 185 - 215 95 - 115