BlindSave Original Mix Knee Pads

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BLINDSAVE knee pads are made of a special medical material that provides high comfort with a specialized orthopedic effect. This material can help absorb some shocks of an otherwise painful fall. In addition, this special material keeps your muscles warm and therefore helps prevent ligament injuries. It is very flexible to allow easier movement. Goalkeepers should be more concerned with keeping the ball out of the goal than with worrying about what their knee pads will allow.

Another great feature of BLINDSAVE knee pads is the anti-slip technology, which protects the pads from slipping off your foot. The protectors are higher and have added straps to create a product that provides a better ability to hold even in the most intense moments of the game.

Padding Mix
The padding is a combination of soft and hard material. It is 2 cm thick with double placement protection for the best goalkeepers. It provides incredibly high comfort, excellent protection and stability. The most popular choice for goalkeepers from all over the world!

Size chart:

Size Circumference of thigh above knee
S 39 - 41 cm
M 42 - 44 cm
L 44 - 47 cm
XL 47 - 51 cm
Brand BlindSave
Color black
Padding Selectable
Size S, M, L, XL