The new hip protectors shorts with suspensor a whole new dimension of protection to the game.

  • 40% thinner fill than classic boot protectors
  • 20% better shock absorption.
  • at 36.6 - 37 ° C, the padding is softened and adapts to the shape of the body
  • ergonomics - you feel like you have no cushioning on you

Protective fillers are found on the thighs, hips and coccyx. Thanks to many tests, Blindsave found the best shape and location of the protectors. Compared to other Blindsave brands, it uses a rounded shape of the filler suitable for the body of the player. Using unique shock-absorbing materials with a thickness of 2 - 5.5 mm, the protectors offer extremely high comfort.

The materials used in the BLINDSAVE protective shorts provide a better level of compression. The modern "paper touch" gives the technical garment aesthetic appearance combined with the highest functional performance - maximum comfort, shape holding and quick drying.

Composition: PA 71% - EA (LYCRA) 29%.

Brand BlindSave
Color black
Size XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL