Goalkeeper gloves BLINDSAVE "X" Padded Gloves are made to improve the goalkeeper's performance and offer the comfort they need. They are super light, highly breathable and work like your second skin, while providing first-class protection.

Unique "BAT" finger protection technology. The material adapts to the hands when heated.

The gloves are light, breathable and a special adhesive material used on American football gloves is used on the palm.

Blindsave gloves help improve the goalkeeper's performance on the field.

Advantages of BLINDSAVE goalkeeper gloves:

The palm glove is made of sticky material, which guarantees perfect control of the ball. At the same time, the palm is strong enough to keep your hands safe, even with the toughest shots.

Excellent ball control

The front of the gloves is made of a unique material used in American football. Special OHC (one-handed catch) technology ensures excellent ball control.


  • new design
  • BAT technology - thin protection working on the principle of warming up by body temperature.
  • The very light and elastic fabric on the back of the hand guarantees a high level of comfort.
  • Small openings on the palm side ensure a pleasant airflow and help with overheating.


A special rubber layer on the palms and fingers made of OHC protects the hands from strong blows of the ball.

Brand BlindSave
Color whiteblack
Size XS, S, M, L, XL