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Exel E-Lite White 2.9 Round

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Floorball stick Exel E-lite White 2.9 Round is a new addition to the Exel collection created for the 23/24 season and belongs to the model range of floorball sticks that are equipped with the E-LITE blade.

ELITE technology

The lightest stick Exel. The floorball stick weighs only 180 grams - 2.6 flex 101 cm (including grip and blade). E-Lite ranks among the light and durable hockey sticks on the market. The balance point is designed so you can feel your stick like never before. This makes controlling the ball fluid - and more fun. The shaft is made of premium carbon fiber. The unique combination of light components is really something special.

Exel E-fect Blade

Every single detail in E-LITE has been designed to make your gameplay easy but effective. Our aim was to create a rotationally rigid but extremely lightweight and agile blade with superior control and precision. In addition, the key feature of this blade is the unique combo of concavity, open face angle and curve.

Size-wise it pretty much equals our other top sell-ers AIR and E-FECT. Smooth ball control all the way.

Made in Finland, naturally. 🇫🇮

Optimized 8,0 mm concavity enables easy ball control and great shooting options.

Designed for modern gameplay. Easier dribbling and shooting past opponents.

Who do we recommend this stick for?

It is a very good stick designed for players who like to shoot by swinging and pulling from behind the body, because the ball sits very well on the blade.

The stick belongs to the premium model range with excellent game features. The price of the stick corresponds to the parameters and characteristics that the stick offers to the player, whether it is low weight, quality blade, carbon stick and so on.

Shaft with flex of 29 mm is suitable for players weighing between 60 kg and 75 kg.

We recommend the stick to players with a height of 170 cm to 180 cm (96 cm).

Lovers of low-weight sticks will appreciate this model because the stick is really very light with a weight 180 g at a length 101 cm.

This stick is certified by the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and can be played with at all competitions. 

Brand Exel
Player weight 60 - 75 kg
Stick hardness (mm) 29
Stick length 96 cm
Color white, turquoise
Blade hooking Left (left hand below)
Blade hardness medium (PE)
Handle shape round
Shaft type straight
Stick material lightweight carbon
Blade type Exel E-LITE
IFF certification Yes
Stick weight 170 - 190 g, 180g - 101 cm
Collection 2023/2024