Salming Hawk Touch Blade

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The Hawk is a brand new blade from Salming for the 2017/18 season, which belongs to rather more precurved blades and has a thinner frame.

The blade itself excels in particular with its structured forehand side, which is serrated all over the playing area. This serrature improves ball control and prevents the ball from unwanted rotation during shooting and passing.

There is a so-called Claw on the tip of the blade which makes dribbling and technical elements even faster and more precise. The Hawk has a reinforced middle rib which prevents the blade from unwanted twisting when shooting or passing. The development process of the blade has featured several of Salmings most notorious floorball ambassadors, among others Robin Nilsberth and Rasmus Sundstedt.

There is a shining Salming Hawk logo on the heel.


Touch hardness is a soft blade (PP). Perfect gaming properties, low friction and exceptional durability.

Brand Salming
Color blue
Blade hooking Right (right hand below)
Blade hardness soft
Blade type Salming Hawk
IFF certification Yes