Salming Quest 1 Touch Blade

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light blue
light blue
Left (left hand below)


Brand new version of the Salming's most successful blade - the Quest.

This blade has been inspired by some of the outstanding features of last year's Quest 2 blade and the new combination of blades is great for both shooters and technical players.

With the Quest 1 blade, you get more powerful shots of all kinds and perfect ball control. That all is possible thanks to the following technologies:

Trident Technology ™

Reinforced construction in the heel area which phases into the bottom part of the blade - unsurpassed shaft-to-blade power transmission.

Single Cavity Plus

One single horizontal cavity along the entire blade area.

Torsion Lid System™

Filled space between the ribs around the perimeter in the heel part gives the blade greater strength

Toe Drag Design - TDD ™

Making it easier for you to pull the ball towards you and thereby gain increased control of the ball.


A plastic composite, 50 % of which is made up of Salming's unique Biopower™ material. Owing to the new, unique composition, the blade achieves softer ball contact and outstanding performance attributes.

Brand Salming
Color light blue
Blade hooking Left (left hand below)
Blade hardness soft
Blade type Salming Quest1
IFF certification Yes
Concavity 6 mm