Salming Quest 5 BioPower Blade

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The Quest 5 blade.

Quest 5 is a combination of the successful Salming Quest 1 and Salming Quest 2 blades. It incorporates the best of playing characteristics of the Salming Quest 2 blade, the size of the Salming Quest 1 blade and adds more stability for stronger shots and better feel for the ball. The blade has a rigid frame along the entire length and the heel is reinforced for improved shooting. Single horizontal cavity of the blade is gradual from the heel to the tip. The blade has an enlarged so called "sweet spot"- a place where the ball comes into contact with the blade and which is best for ball control and shooting.

Sweet Spot
Taken from the Quest 3 blade, a place in the center of the blade where the ball comes into contact with the blade and which is best for ball control and shooting.

Thicker Frame

A thicker blade frame for added torsional stiffness. Weight remains low.

Single Cavity Plus™

One single horizontal cavity along the entire blade area.

Trident Technology™​

Reinforced construction in the heel area which phases into the bottom part of the blade - unsurpassed shaft-to-blade power transmission.

BioPower ™

Force of nature! This material is made of sugar cane. The added value not only does a service to the environment, but the blade also stands out thanks to its playing characteristics - great shooting power and exceptional feel.
The minimum biobased content - 96%!

Weight: 75g
Blade area: 182 cm2
Material: BioPower


Brand Salming
Color green
Blade hooking Right (right hand below)
Blade hardness hard
Blade type Salming Quest5
IFF certification Yes
Concavity 7 mm