Salming Raptor Endurance Blade Service

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Unused Salming Raptor blade removed from the floorball.

New blade for the floorball season 2019/2020 Raptor. It belongs to the more straight blades, less curved, and has a thinner frame than previous Salming blades.

The biggest difference from the previous blades is its concavity and how it bends, which is less significant. Rather, it is more straight from the heel, but is not a completely straight blade. In technical shots and working with the ball, it helps mainly that the inside of the blade is slightly deepened from the center of the blade to the tip.

In addition to the bend is the difference in the construction of the blade itself, the bottom pieces are filled, which makes the blade stronger and it better transfers energy from the stick to the ball.

The blade profile - by not being very bent - allows the blade to be controlled not only by the forehand side but also by the backhand.

Stiffness: Endurance - medium blade

Weight: 72 g.

Color: black

This blade is certified by the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and can be played with at all competitions.

Brand Salming
Color black
Blade hooking Right (right hand below)
Blade hardness medium (PE)
Blade type Salming Raptor
IFF certification Yes