The Salming brand used the Raven blade for the first time in the 2020/2021 season. The new Raven blade is designed to decrease weight while increasing speed and stability.

  • The FeatherSystemTM is engineered to improve durability without decreasing performance.
  • X3M Sweet Spot TechnologyTM help Raven deliver maximum shot results with minimum effort.
  • It belongs to straight blades with minimal concavity.
  • The blade is in Endurance stiffness - a medium-hard blade, ideal for players who have no preference in technique and shots
  • Weight: Endurance - 72g

Endurance™ - Medium stiff blade. Exceptional durability, low friction and perfect playing characteristics. The Endurance ™ is the standard material used on most Salming sticks.

Color: white, black, pink

Brand Salming
Color whitepinkblack
Blade hooking Left (left hand below), Right (right hand below)
Blade hardness medium (PE)
Blade type Salming Raven
IFF certification Yes
Concavity 6 mm