Salming Recoil Kobra Men Black/White

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Salming Recoil Kobra men's indoor shoes is new model for the 22/23 season. As with the previous generations of the Kobra model line, they are above all extra stable and very well cushioned indoor shoes, which are newly decorated with a completely redesigned upper construction.

A top-class indoor shoe, particularly outstanding for its perfect stability and uncompromising damping. That, in a nutshell, is the definition of the latest generation of the popular Kobra model line. Fundamental innovations have taken place in the area of ​​the upper of the shoe, which is newly 3-layered, extremely comfortable and provides excellent support in combination with high-quality breathability and durability.

The Salming Recoil Kobra light bulbs are dampened by a solid layer of premium Recoil™ material, which perfectly absorbs negative forces upon impact, but also offers excellent energy return upon rebound. In the heel part, the cushioning layer is then enriched with a special Softfoam™ insert, which minimizes the negative forces that act on the heels during sudden changes of direction common in indoor sports.

The Salming Recoil Kobra model is an ideal choice especially if you are looking for a stable indoor shoe. The wider sole, which is extended to half the height of the shoe at the heel level, and the stabilizing polyurethane elements of the upper keep the foot in place and allow even the most abrupt change of direction without losing stability.

Key features

  • very stable indoor shoe
  • very comfortable with high-quality damping properties
  • medium weight, designed with durability in mind
  • feels rather wider with a medium firm upper that ideally surrounds the foot
  • suitable for all indoor sports

Shoe construction and technologies used

The top of the shoe

  • For stability, comfort and durability - 3-layer upper designed with maximum emphasis on comfort, support, durability and breathability. The first of the layers is made of fine seamless mesh and is primarily concerned with the comfort of your feet. The middle layer made of breathable polyester knit has the task of keeping the foot in place even during the most abrupt changes of direction. This is also helped by the last topmost layer, which consists of various sized polyurethane parts, the task of which is also to ensure the resistance of the shoes against abrasion.

Midsole - cushioning of the shoe

  • Reducing the negative consequences of impact, rebound energy - Premium Recoil™ material used in the midsole helps dampen hard foot impacts. Compared to classic EVA foam, it better absorbs negative forces when stepping, and on the contrary, it can be proven that it returns more energy to the rebound.
  • Heel protection - Softfoam™ is a special insole in the heel area, which is made of material capable of even better reducing the negative impact of impacts in this part of the shoe. A specially developed mixture of materials has a 70% better ability to absorb these unwanted forces compared to ordinary EVA foam.

Shoe sole

  • Don't be afraid of sprained ankle - Sprained ankle due to a quick stop is one of the most common injuries in indoor sports. The special LMS+ 8° technology on the outer sides of the sole of the shoe greatly reduces this risk by tilting the sole 8° towards the middle of the shoe.
  • Kneeling has never been easier - The inside of the sole is decorated with RollBar™ technology, which rounds the sole of the shoe in this part and allows the foot to tilt inward. It thus reduces the pressure on the edge of the thumb and provides an easier execution of kneeling, which is so common for sports such as floorball or squash.
  • Durability and extra good grip for all indoor sports - The sole of the model is made of a special HX120 rubber compound that excels in perfect traction control and great grip. The latter further enhances the special Salming HexaGrip™ pattern formed in the key parts of the shoe by small hexagons.
  • Comfort upon impact, energy for rebound - TGS 62/75 ° technology divides the sole of the shoe into 2 parts. The first part - from the heel to the belly of the foot - makes up approximately 62% of the sole area, and is designed with maximum stability and shock absorption in mind. It is separated from the second part - the front part of the sole - by the so-called ballet line, which is guided by the sole at an angle of 75°. This division ensures that the shoe bends in exactly the right place to stimulate the feet's natural lateral and forefoot doubt. The front part of the shoe is then constructed for maximum rebound efficiency.
Brand Salming
Color whiteblack
Gender man
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