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Salming Recoil Strike Men Black

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Salming Recoil Strike is completely new model in the range of indoor shoes and their construction is built to suit fast and agile players. The specifically shaped front part of the sole of the shoe is especially adapted to this, which allows it to flex dynamically in all directions, which is so necessary for quick changes in movement.

The damping of the Salming Recoil Strike model is also aimed at more agile players who do not need a high level of damping, but instead prefer a more direct feel to the surface. In addition, the cushioning is made up of premium Recoil+™ foam, which stands out for its particularly high energy return in every rebound.

The last but no less important part of this new model is the upper, thought out in detail, which is comfortable and at the same time ensures ideal support even during the most neck-breaking elements that you use during your game.

If your game is dominated by speed and you are looking for an indoor shoe that will support you as much as possible, the new Salming Recoil Strike will hit the spot for you.

Key features

  • fast and stable indoor shoe for agile players
  • medium high damping with maximum energy return
  • light and comfortable
  • feels rather wider with a medium firm upper that ideally surrounds the foot
  • suitable for all indoor sports

Shoe construction and technologies used

The top of the shoe

  • For stability, comfort and speed
  • 3-layer upper constructed with maximum emphasis on support in speed and comfort. The first of the layers is made of fine seamless mesh and is primarily concerned with the comfort of your feet. The middle layer made of breathable polyester knit has the task of keeping the foot in place even during the most abrupt changes of direction. This is also helped by the last top layer, which consists of polyurethane parts of different sizes and positions, whose main task is to stabilize the foot as much as possible even during the most abrupt changes in direction.

Midsole - cushioning of the shoe

  • Reduction of negative consequences of influence, energy into reflection
  • The premium Recoil+™ material used in the midsole helps cushion hard foot impacts. Compared to classic EVA foam, it better absorbs negative forces when stepping, and on the contrary, it can be proven that it returns more energy to the rebound.

Shoe sole

  • Unlimited movement in all conceivable directions
  • The front part of the sole is constructed with maximum consideration for the bending of the shoe during practically all imaginable changes of direction. Their stability is further enhanced by the special Salming HexaGrip™ pattern formed by small hexagons.
Brand Salming
Color black
Gender man
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