UHER Football Pitch Outdoor

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UHER FOOTBALL PITCH OUTDOOR football goalposts are special goalposts for outdoor use.

  • new - handrails for beginning football players
  • an attractive tool for recruiting new players
  • year-round use
  • simple and quick assembly (3-5 minutes)

Possibilities of use

  • guardrails can be used on any flat surface (artificial grass, natural turf, asphalt, concrete, all other sports surfaces)
  • the balls do not "run away", the game is much more fun for children
  • increasing the technical and physical fitness of the players

Primary use

  • the goalposts are mainly intended for beginning footballers in the age category of 4-7 years
  • playing in a clearly marked area is much more attractive and especially fun for this group
  • an excellent tool for coaches of these age categories
  • efficient use of the space of a large playground (possibility of combining several playgrounds)
  • the soccer ball is still in play, a more efficient use of training time
  • the size of the playground is optimal for the age of the children
  • an attractive tool for recruiting new players
  • use also e.g. during tournaments or children's days
  • advertising space on the guardrails is also of great importance

Secondary use

  • clear orientation to modern training methods and trends
  • dynamic training aid for all age categories
  • possibility of use in development and training:
    • technically (handling and handling the ball, passes)
    • increasing physical condition
    • perfecting the combination
    • improving individual and team game skills
  • effective use of playing space and training time (the ball does not "run away") during individual exercises
  • intensive one-on-one game improvement

Technical description

  • the dimensions of the guardrail system are 15x11 m, height is 0.5 m, rounded corners
  • the system is composed of 22x 2m module, 4x arc module, 2x goal module
  • guardrails can be used on any flat surface (artificial grass, natural turf, asphalt, concrete, all other sports surfaces)
  • individual modules 2 m long and telescopic gates are stored in a transport cart
  • the size of the goal is 150x100 cm
  • installation of the complete system is intuitive and very fast (3-5 minutes)
  • individual modules are connected to each other by a flexible system
  • the handrails are light and very durable
  • they offer year-round use
  • a high level of security is guaranteed by the IFF certificate, among other things
  • the guard system is protected by a European industrial design

Transport costs are inidividual, depending on the place of delivery (see more at obchod@florbal4u.com).

Free transport does not apply to this product. 

Brand Uher
Color white
IFF certification Yes
Utilization Indoor, Outdoor
Size 15 x 11 m