Unihoc CR8ER Ball White

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The Unihoc Cr8er ball was constructed on the basis of the latest aerodynamic knowledge. The best engineers and players themselves participated in its development. Technology of regular grooves on the surface of the ball, along with tapered hole edges, reduce air resistance, resulting in increased speed and accuracy of the ball.

The fastest and the most accurate ball of all time is here! The main improvement of the ball design are the tapered edges of the holes, which improve the airflow inside the ball and make its flight much more stable. More air in the ball increases pressure inside the ball and minimizes changes in flight trajectory.

Another new feature are the regular grooves on the surface of the ball that create a grid-shaped appearance. These grooves improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the ball and the result is greater velocity and shot power. The grid perfectly leads the ball in the air as well as on the ground.

The ball comes from the Swedish Gothenburg RENEW workshop, which is also behind other quality balls such as the Booster. The Unihoc Cr8er has been certified by the IFF and can be played with at all official competitions.

Brand Unihoc
Color white
IFF certification Yes