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Unihoc Player+ Blade

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Brand: Unihoc Product code: P000030 Shipping and Payment

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Ship within 3-5 days
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The Unihoc Player + blade has all the great characteristics of its predecessor - the Player SQL. Several significant modern features have been added, such as logo in the heel and + sign in the tip. The blade is generally larger and more durable.

Stiffness: Medium PE, Medium PP, Hard


The REGULAR PE plastic is our most common blade type and it is also the one that we have used for the longest time in our collection. This is the classic floorball plastic, available in soft, medium and hard versions. It can easily be shaped into the preferred hook of each player and it offers a great touch on the ball at the same time as it slides easily on most playing surfaces. The weight of this plastic type is slightly heavier than for the PP alternatives, ranging from 74-79 grams for our elite blades for senior players.


The FEATHER PP is a lightweight blade material with soft touch on the ball and high friction against the floor, making it most suitable for non-sticky court surfaces. The weight of this blade type is lighter than the PE blades and ranges from 70-75 grams for our various elite blades for senior players . Once you have created your own personal hook by heating and shaping the blade you can be sure that the hook shape stays intact. This blade type is available in medium stiffness.


Brand Unihoc
Color white, black
Blade hooking Left (left hand below), Right (right hand below)
Blade hardness medium (PE), medium (PP - lightweight)
Blade type Unihoc Player+
IFF certification Yes
Concavity 8 mm