Zone Monstr Air Hard

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hard (PP - lightweight)


AIR HARD is a new material that is as hard as PE and at the same time as lightweight as Air Soft Feel. Somebody liked the softness of Air Soft Feel, but when shooting the blade was too soft, while the PE was too hard. Now there is an ideal version in the form of limited edition AIR HARD. This new material can be found on all 4 blades ZONE - Supreme, Hyper, Monster and Zuper.

Zone Monstr was built from a combination of previous models and is thus brought to complete perfection. The reinforced foot ensures excellent blade stability and thus increases the elasticity of the shot. Thanks to the well-laid grids, the blade is perfectly balanced. The stable and smooth surface of the blade guarantees good ball control and accurate passes.

Farba: grey
Hmotnosť: 72 g


Brand Zone
Color gray
Blade hooking Left (left hand below), Right (right hand below)
Blade hardness hard (PP - lightweight)
Blade type Zone Monstr
IFF certification Yes
Concavity 7 mm