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Because we care about you and your requirements, we have decided to provide services that will certainly contribute to your satisfaction.

  1. Replacement of the blade on a new floorball stick
  2. Shaft shortening

1. Replacement of the blade on a new floorball stick

Have you chosen a floorball stick that meets all your requirements, but you play better with a different blade? No problem, choose the blade you want on your new floorball, add it to the cart and we will take care of its replacement. You will get an additional 20% discount on this blade from us. Of course, we will also send you the original blade.

Conditions for changing the blade:

  • the floorball stick, on which this service can be applied, is marked with the information "blade replacement"
  • 20% discount on a new blade is calculated from the regular price (does not apply to blades on sale or on sale)
  • to apply the discount, please choose the payment method by bank transfer or cash on delivery (in the case of immediate payment by card, it will not be possible to apply the discount additionally). In the case of payment to the account, we will send you modified payment information with the applied discount.
  • when replacing the blade, the original blade is part of the order
  • if the blade you want to exchange is not currently in stock, the delivery time of the order is extended by the delivery time of the blade

2. Shaft shortening

Customers often received an incentive to shorten the stick, so we decided to add this service to our offer. We shorten hockey sticks that have a twisting grip, at least in its upper part.

You add the floorball to the basket and when entering the order data you state in the note (one of the order steps) how many centimeters you want to shorten the stick, or how many centimeters the stick should have after shortening. Then we pack the stick and send it already shortened.

In this operation, we require payment of the order by prepayment, either to the account or by card through the payment gateway. Cash on delivery is not possible due to the risk of non-shipment and resale of the shortened stick.